A Week of Birthday Meals: July 2020

I’m afraid I may have entangled myself in a very elaborate tradition.

Last month, somewhere along the 820-mile stretch of road from Boulder to Dallas, Will and I got talking about our dream week of meals. And rather than staying in the hypothetical realm, Will’s picks somehow morphed into a real plan for his birthday week, coming up a couple weeks later.

I agreed to make it happen–but in the interest in getting a few other things done that week, limited him to 7 dinners. (I know, I know, what kind of wife doesn’t also agree to whip up cheesecake, ice cream sandwiches, Turtle Pie, dessert pizza, milkshakes, apple pie, and baklava from scratch?!)

Here is what he picked, and what we feasted on from July 5 – 11:

The Game Plan
Day 1. Burgers and fries
Day 2 (Will’s Birthday!). Chicken and waffles with coleslaw and hot honey
Day 3. Chicken pho with crispy shallots and all the garnishes
Day 4. Butter chicken with homemade naan
Day 5. Steak and chicken fajitas with guacamole
Day 6. Fish and Chips with vinegar and coleslaw
Day 7. French Dip sandwiches “au jus”

Before you leave here thinking I’m a saint, its probably a good time to admit: I may have enjoyed this more than Will did, and I’m already eager to see his 2021 lineup.

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