Howdy! I’m Becky Wade Firth (new last name!)—a runner, author, food lover, and traveler based in Boulder, Colorado.

Part of two sets of twins born 20 months apart, I grew up in Dallas, Texas, before making my way to Rice University on a track scholarship. At Rice, alongside the world’s greatest teammates and coach, I fell in love with the distance running lifestyle: early nights, sunrise workouts, afternoon naps, ice baths, strength training, and most of all, cooking. Meanwhile, my running improved significantly. By the time I graduated, I was a four-time All-American and an Olympic Trials qualifier in the 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Instead of jumping straight into the post-collegiate running ranks, I spent a year exploring the ways that runners from wildly different cultures live and train. From Switzerland to Ethiopia, New Zealand to Japan, it was a solo, 12-month, 22-country deep dive into some of the world’s most fascinating running traditions. I returned with more photos, training tips, recipes, and pen pals than I knew what to do with, and in 2016, my travel blog (BeckyRunsAway) morphed into RUN THE WORLD. Check it out!

Since stabilizing in the U.S., I’ve moved up to the marathon, gone pro, relocated to Boulder, Colorado, and gotten married. As I chase more opportunities to represent the USA on a global stage, I’m still seeking ways to optimize my lifestyle for performance, longevity, and enjoyment. That’s what the revival of BeckyRunsAway is all about! Thanks for joining me.

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