Mammoth Smoothies

There are 2 reasons for the name of these smoothies:

  1. Will and I made them almost every day the summer (2014) we lived in Mammoth Lakes, California.
  2. They’re also mammoth in size and nutrition, thanks to the ~20 ingredients that go in.

Don’t let that second part trip you up. For normal people, these smoothies constitute a meal on their own. For voracious runners, they make a perfect post-run snack to take the edge off during a stretch, a drive home, or a wait for brunch.

We usually start sipping on them the moment we stop our watches, but if you have more patience, they also work well as a smoothie bowl base. Just pour in a bowl, add some crunch (granola, chopped nuts, dried or frozen berries, puffed rice, etc.), and eat with a spoon.

Last thing: None of the ingredients really make or break the smoothie (except maybe the frozen banana), so feel free to omit or substitute for anything on the list. We also don’t really measure anything, so this recipe is a major approximation.

Drink up!

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