The Runner’s Guide to Skincare

Despite the amount of time I spend outside—I’d guess 2-3 hours per day, on average—I’ve been pretty negligent when it comes to my skin: slapping sunscreen on my face when I remember to, wearing a hat on especially bright days, and running shaded routes when it’s convenient. Rarely do I wear body sunscreen, cover my shoulders when it’s above 50 degrees, or think much about my skin during the other 22 hours a day.

But finally, after 15+ years of competitive running, I’m committed to protecting my skin. I realize how problematic (and honestly, lazy) my approach has been, and I’m no longer willing to jeopardize my health down the road—or sooner. Since skincare is a loaded subject, with a lot of misconceptions floating around, I brought my questions and concerns to two running dermatologists: Dr. Allison Pye (also my former teammate at Rice) and Dr. Robin Travers (a Boston-based practitioner and teacher). Check out our Q&A at Runner’s World!

Find our full Q&A here.

Thank you for your invaluable input, Dr. Pye and Dr. Travers!

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