Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

Last Christmas, I gave my husband one of the weirder gifts I’ve ever given*: a stash of burritos.

I was feeling bad about leaving him in snowy Boulder for three weeks while I trained in the Texas tropics. So naturally, I decided to assuage my guilt with two dozen frozen breakfast burritos, ready to be zapped and inhaled at a moment’s notice. Like many of my kitchen endeavors, this one began at Smitten Kitchen, where the inspiration for the following recipe came from.

To keep it interesting, I made three different kinds: Bacon, Sausage, and Black Bean—each stuffed with scrambled eggs and topped with salsa, cheese, and cilantro.

The awesome thing about these is that they’re completely customizable. If you don’t eat meat, go wild with the veggies! If you’re a sucker for heat, add extra jalapenos and/or a fiery salsa. And if you’re a breakfast burrito purist, there’s nothing wrong with straight-up eggs and cheese. Use my recipe below as a launchpad, and make these your own.

*These burritos were kind of weird, but not even the weirdest burrito-related gift I’ve given. When my older brother Matt went off to college, he complained that the Chipotle near the UT campus wasn’t the same as the one back home. Obviously, my solution was to mail him one from his trusted Dallas spot. He said it was tasty, old and squashed as it was when it arrived… but I never did hear him complain about Chipotle again.

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