Quinoa, Vegetable, & Asiago Stuffed Squash

As a marathon runner, food is obviously a huge part of my life. It nourishes me, energizes me, restores me, and generally brings me a lot of joy. Just check out my cookbook collection or sit next to me while I pick where Will and I are going for dinner. (An obscene number of Yelp reviews later… )

But there are other reasons that I’ve always been drawn to food. Whether it’s a family dinner, Friendsgiving potluck, or post-workout brunch, nothing brings people together like a shared meal. And because of that, few things carry the same sentimentality.

One recipe that is especially loaded for me right now is Stuffed Acorn Squash, inspired by Dallas restaurant Parigi. I recently riffed on it in my own kitchen, as I usually do this time of year, and it stirred up all sorts of good memories with my Aunt Debbie, who introduced my sister and I to this meal. I love all of the ingredients separately—quinoa, roasted vegetables, steamed squash, Asiago cheese, balsamic vinegar—but together, they make a tasty little fall symphony! And it’s a fact that any food is better when its vessel is also edible. We’re celebrating Debbie’s full but too-short life this weekend, and I’ll be celebrating her in a small way every time I recreate this meal.

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