The Very Last

At least it’s still 2013, right?


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  1. chrnolan

    Will have to add this to our Global Running club wall! I continue to share your story and show off the wall. It was exciting to brag about you to our new coach, Michael Blackwood, an Olympic silver medalist. A little sad that this is your last one. What an amazing journey you had. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  2. Linda

    Please please please continue writing about your running. It´s been so much fun reading about it. I have been reading about running all over the word through your blog but I don´t no so much about your running-life in USA. That would also be very interesting to read :-D. So if you have the time please write some more…..big hug from Malmö, Sweden!!!!

  3. Tom Williams

    Hi Becky,

    I saw your story in Runner’s World and would love to interview you for the UK’s number one running podcast Marathon Talk ( If this is something you’d be interested in perhaps you could drop me a line via my email address submitted with this comment?

    Many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas,


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