Tastes of Tokyo

If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, one of my favorite things about Japan is the food. It’s so good, in fact, that I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a sushi chef. Like most of my impulsive ideas (shoes made of marshmallows, copying the entire dictionary, etc.), however, I realized there are a few kinks involved. And that it’d be silly to spend 17 years of my life learning how to make something I can get just a hop, skip and a jump away. So I think I’ll let these guys keep doing their thing (creating perfection on a plate) while I keep doing my thing (marveling, eating, and hatching other nonsensical ideas)…

That dexterity– so impressive.

Sushi on a skateboard– I can get used to that!

My first standing sushi bar and taste of sea urchin, thanks to the marvelous Mary and Peter


Susan and Tim’s annual sushi-making party– hands down the coolest, freshest dinner I’ve ever eaten


While the sushi here is divine, that’s not all that Japan’s got!

Bonnie, my fabulous first week host, took me to a few great restaurants, taught me how to make one of her mom’s soups, gave me some chopstick lessons, and treated me to my first whole-fish-eating experience.


Bob introduced me to one of my new favorite meals, yakitori (skewered meat), and some other scrumptious morsels that solidified my love of Japanese cuisine.


I also got to explore an outdoor seafood market and some of the “food gardens” that lie below Tokyo’s major department stores.


Ever wondered what a $200 cantaloupe looks like? Well there you have it!

I promise I’ve been doing more than just eating these past two weeks– more on that soon. Until then, I’ll keep soaking up this tastebud-tickling city and I encourage you to do the same wherever you are.

I also ask you all to keep those involved in yesterday’s tragic Boston Marathon bombing in your thoughts and prayers.

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