My Auckland Fam

The best and worst parts of this trip involve people.

Those that I’ve stayed with since leaving home highlight every segment of my trip and are the substance of my fondest memories. In the short time that I get to know my hosts, they become my close friends and running partners, tour guides and teachers.

But every week or so, I pack up my bags and part with these precious people to whom I will always be indebted but may never have a chance to repay. I leave the comfort of a place and a group that I’ve grown to know and enjoy, and prepare myself to start the process all over again with new faces and new trails.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend almost half of my two months in Auckland in a house with four incredible individuals. During that time, not only did they become my good friends; they assumed the special and loaded role of my family away from home. Here are a few morsels from a really memorable month with my Auckland fam:


Supporting each other’s athletic endeavors and going to my first ever pro rugby game


Regular family dinners– some significantly better than others (or one in particular)


Beach trips, both near and far


Day trips to Goat Island, Shakespear Park, and a couple markets, and a fake birthday celebration


Celebrating three holidays: St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Passover (It was my first Seder ever, and Erin’s first one away from home– she did an amazing job and it was such a privilege to participate.)

Kyle, Greig, Erin, and Scott– Y’all are the greatest. I had so much fun getting to know each of you through barbecues, intense card games, afternoons at the beach, controversial issue discussions, and even a little earthquake, and I so appreciate you welcoming me into the fam. Y’all are the kind of housemates I’d love to have anywhere in the world, so let’s keep this rollin with some visits to the Wade home in Texas. I mean it! Thanks a million. And keep crushin it 😉


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