Ethiopia Drawings

They scanned in a little blurry, but here are some November and December memories in drawing form:



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  1. If I could “like” your posts, I would. Still following you x-hundreds of miles away. I’m so proud of you for (1) keeping us updated in such great detail so that we get a true account of life “out there’; (2) still having such awesome handwriting and artistic skills; and (3) being so open to ALL of your new experiences, when many of them might send people running home (*ahem). Mmk ready for the next adventure!

    1. Christina! Thank you so much! I hope you know that you are my all-time art inspiration… all of that doodling and writing during class seems to have paid off, huh?! I love you and miss you and hope all is well at school… cannot wait til we catch up properly this summer! xoxo

  2. Those are sweet, Bwade!

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