Random Happenings in Ethiopia

There’s never a dull moment in Ethiopia, and I love the surprises and new experiences that each day slings my way. Before I post about my trip up north and my Ethiopian Christmas, I’m going to catch up on some random things I’ve been up to recently…


Getting fake married.



Watching and loving a real wedding reception at Yaya Village. (Mom, do NOT forget my horse procession or raw meat butcher when my time comes…)



Learning from Banchi, Derartu and Meseret how to hand wash clothes in the sun. Can’t wait to teach ya in a few months, Luke!



Hanging out with the super fast mid-distance guys based in Qatar (but also originally from Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia), their Somalian coach Jama, and their Ukrainian physio Sergei. (by fast I mean the recent 1500 Olympic Champion and the 1500 World Jr. Champion)



Dipping into the Ethiopian music scene and jumping onto the Teddy Afro bandwagon.


Learning how to make shiro and injera from the staff cooks.



Jumping in with some locals for a run at Entoto and participating in a photo shoot at the top.



Racking up this unfortunate score:
Wallet-snatcher: 1
Becky: 0


Running with a massive bundle of pea branches for over 30 minutes after some women stuffed our arms with them as we crossed their field mid-way through a run.



Going hyena-spotting real early one morning and failing, but still learning some awesome animal calls (and catching a peek of 2 hyenas on a run a few weeks later).


Missing a little turn and turning a 2-hour run into a 3-hour run with an hour hike on both ends. (Shocker, I know, that I got lost!) It was all between 9,500-10,500 feet elevation, and let’s just say it wasn’t my fastest run ever.


Witnessing this. I couldn’t help but remember when Rachel gave my mom a ram charm for her bracelet because “she butts into everyone’s business.” Rude! (but hilarious, I’ll admit)


Watching the national cross-country club championships at Jan Meda.



Taking a day trip to Debra Libanos, and getting an awesome view of a huge canyon and an interesting experience being chased by religious officials with guns and canes. (It’s a long story, but I promise we didn’t do anything illegal!)



Living up my last couple weeks in Ethiopia, both at Yaya Village and in other parts of Ethiopia. Updates on last week’s trip to Gonder, the Simien Mountains, and Lalibela, as well as my African Christmas, are coming soon!

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