My Swiss Doppleganger


Okay, so maybe we don’t look identical.. or resemble each other in the slightest. But I really think I found my personality doppelganger in Lisa, a red-headed runner, chef and student from Uster, Switzerland.

I arrived at Lisa’s house last week hoping to learn a thing or two about running and not be too much of an imposition. Five days later, I left with great friend, a running and core partner, loads of new recipes, a stockpile of Swiss chocolate, some art supplies, a face I will forever associate with apples and cheese, and a lot less giggles in my reserve. When you find yourself dressing up in outlandish costumes and singing Happy Birthday in different languages with someone you’ve only known for a few days, it’s hard to argue that the friendship wasn’t meant to be.

Snapshots of last week’s shenanigans


A few of Lisa’s excellent dishes

Like my week with Lisa, many of my most memorable travel moments haven’t been thoroughly planned or expected. I’ve been fortunate to have fallen into the open embrace of some key individuals who have enhanced my trip more than they know. They’ve reminded me that this year isn’t as much about running as it is about connecting with people from different circumstances and finding ways to blend your ideas, passions, and habits. For Lisa and the rest of my hosts in the past 3 months, I am incredibly thankful. I can’t wait to show my new doppleganger around Rice, Dallas, White Rock Lake and most importantly, the legendary Wade costume closet someday!

After a few big hugs and one too many awkward picture requests, I made my way back to Zurich, where I’ll stay for another 5 days. My new host is Ueli, a pro triathlete, marathoner, running coach, and biomechanics researcher. While arts and crafts and dress-up somehow slipped through our agenda, I’m having a great time getting to know him and seeing his favorite parts of Switzerland by foot and by train.

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