An Equation Your Textbook Left Out

A day off from running + inspiration from an art therapist’s house =


It’s an illustrated timeline of my first month abroad, with some of my favorite spots and memories jumbled below.

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  1. i love this, becks. sums up all your experiences in one glance! beauty-like.

  2. hello miss creative!! you sure are making me miss my #1 a&c friend!! LOVE this. what fun memory. you better keep this up for all your travels! 🙂 love reading all about Switzerland! amazing you are with such great people and wonderful places!! love you lady!!

    1. Thank you CWellz! And likewise- I miss my a&c partner in crime badly and am going to return with SO many craft ideas for us!!! Love you gf!

  3. WOWWW modern day van gogh up in here. I bet you and callie miss your other favorite a&c friend 😉

    1. Thank you, Alps! I sure do… and you too!!

  4. You’re so artistic, Becky!!!! This is an awesome visual representation of your journey so far!!!

  5. you are so talented!!!!!

    1. …almost as talented as the Galentines Day poster creator!

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