Living the Dream, Zurich-style


I feel a little bit like a character in a fairy tale.

I’m currently staying in Zurich, Switzerland with Beat Ammann, national steeplechase coach and former UCLA runner, and his girlfriend Julia, also a coach. This leads up to their home…


This is where they live…


And this is my suite for the week…


The Limmat River and city center are just down the hill from their house, and are perfect for window shopping, outdoor dining, people watching, and coffee drinking.






In addition to my delightful strolls around town, I’ve also gotten in some great training here, both in the hills behind Julia and Beat’s house and along the river and on the track with their club. I’ve loved running with new people and learning all about Beat’s background and training philosophy. One core element of his program, which I find unique and really valuable, is a series of barefoot drills he takes his runners through after each session. One-by-one, they do all sorts of skipping, bounding, and hurdling on a long foam pad. The goal is to break up the monotony of pure running, stimulate and strengthen the muscles, and promote recovery. I’m taking good notes and a few videos so I can bring home and share everything that I’m learning.




Between the unbelievable scenery, elegant and efficient culture, and abundance of great places to run, Zurich is a place I could get used to!

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